DeepAIMed – what is DeepAIMed?

DeepAIMed is an Artificial Intelligence smart search engine for getting most relevant answers for medical queries. DeepAIMed makes use of deep learning methodologies and hypergraphs to create an artificial intelligence brain to answer all your questions. The knowledge training for this brain is done by doctors across the globe through machine learning processing with millions of medical articles from various medical data sources.

Why is DeepAIMed different from other search engines?

  • DeepAIMed is created to find the best answer to your questions rather than searching websites based on keyword frequency.
  • Concept relevance is the key factor for finding relevant results.
  • Artificial intelligence brain evaluates the quality of results.
  • Only trusted medical sources are considered for searching results.

What is a semantic query? Why are they better to retrieve medical results?

Everyone of us have experience of retrieving completely shocking results for medical searches when we use conventional search engines, created for normal data and key word searches.

Medical data is complex to process, only human brains or artificial intelligent brains are capable to understand it. Semantic queries are organized questions with sufficient information. DeepAIMed with its artificial intelligent brain DeepAIMed is a semantic search engine, so it understands the content of indexed documents as well as what you are looking for. Like humans, it’s easier for DeepAIMed to find most relevant results because it understands languages – english and spanish and it is able to relate documents to your search according to the amount of information in them, and not according to the specific words that appear in it.

While a keyword search engine takes into account how often each word in a document comes up, a semantic search engine understands what each document is talking about, as well as what is being searched for.

What type of information is available in DeepAIMed? Which are the sources?

DeepAIMed can retrieve different types of information including medical articles, journals, calculators, drugs information, interactions, medical definitions, medical news about scientific innovations and new topics, clinical guides, protocols and all types of information relevant to medical doctors and students.

Note: Only registered and verified users can access all this information.

What information is provided when filters are selected?

Dictionary – for medical word meaning searches – one words, single concepts etc. (Ideal for word searches only) We bring results for all possible words in your search.

News – research topics, diseases, medicines, new inventions in the field of medicine written by expert writers and editors.

Articles – All medical topics like its available in PubMed/PLOS and documents like clinical trials, published articles etc.

Calculators – Assists diagnosis of medically calculated values like blood pressure etc which requires calculations.

Drug information – Active principles and all related information about drugs.

NOTE: For complex and multi concept searches articles would be a good option. Dictionaries works better for single words and concepts.