Our technologies

With DeepAIMed you experience artificial intelligence on your fingertips. DeepAIMed being the first artificial intelligence medical search engine, brings all the medically relevant web content under one search. In our journey to create artificial intelligence brain of a doctor, DeepAIMed is an advancement in the field of medicine to deliver most relevant medical data from all relevant medical sources in one click.

DeepAIMed retrieves best results for semantic queries with medically valid concepts and do not look for word match like conventional search engines. This technology developed for medical data processing makes use of hypergraphs based on kernel theory. As medical data unlike other websites have rich content, DeepAIMed brain keeps into account of all articles and processes all valid information to retrieve best results.

DeepAIMed is your medical assistant who help you search for medical data. As you know it’s not possible to gain knowledge like a doctor overnight, we are slowly improving our AI brain every moment. We will continuously add more information and will improve your search experience along with developing the medical assistant with knowledge of a doctor.

Who are we?

DeepAIMed – a MedLab Media Group initiative in artificial intelligence for medicine.

DeepAIMed has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of software experts, mathematicians, telecommunications engineers, biomedical engineers, computer scientists and statisticians specializing in data science. Our professionals have worked for an entire year on creating an innovative algorithm for the efficient search of medical documents.

The Artificial Intelligence team of MedLab Media Group, a Spanish start-up who created DeepAIMed, has outlined countless natural language processing algorithms applied to medicine, as well as a system of mathematical representation of medical knowledge that have made this project a reality that will change medicine today.

DeepAIMed will always help the physician of the future to acquire knowledge because we never stop gathering medically relevant data. The next step which we are working on is to improve the search experience and create a virtual medical assistant to assist in daily clinical practice.